Run, Lola, Run

Instead of giving in to current crushing anxiety, let's talk about why the hell I decided to participate in a triathlon.

Well, I've never been much of an athlete. I danced all through school past college, but while that was physically taxing, it was art not sport. I hated sports in grade and high school. I would either feel overly competitive or just kind of full of attitude and hatred for the coach.

So I never really grew up with a sense that I could accomplish an athletic goal.

As I've aged, sure I've gone to the gym or taken up walking to stay fit. I've never successfully run, gotten past that "give up" stage right before the endorphins kick in. And while I swim alright, I've never ever trained to swim. Cycling sounds good in theory, but I never figured I'd deal well with all the traffic.

So then why go for the tri-fucking-fecta?

Because my friend asked me to. She's a bit of a sorceress and hard to say no to, and she's doing it as well, for her 40th. She feted me quite well last year on my milestone birthday so I figured I'd give it a go. Also, it's a damn good way to get in shape, and now that I'm 40 that's a big deal. Finally, I kinda wanted to see if I could push past my mental resistance, which to me is really the hardest thing.

So we are signing up for the June Danskin Tri. It's a sprint tri, meaning the shortest one you can do. The swim is a half mile, the biking is 12 miles and the running is 3 miles.

So far, in my very unstructured training (hate those coaches, remember?) I'm able to successfully run 3 miles, bike 10 and swim nearly a 1/4 mile. All in the gym. All on different days.

The "brick" training will start soon, where you layer two events in one training day.

So that's the start of it. We'll see how I finish.