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When asked which sense they'd give up (smell/taste, touch, sight or sound), so far, everyone who has answered has given up smell/taste. What would you give up?

I'm not entirely surprised by this answer. I think most of us fear losing our sight deeply. After all, one couldn't drive, know the time, read, see expression and a hundred thousand different things that we take for granted. And a great deal of people fear not being able to hear and communicate verbally (though the two are not necessarily connected). Touch, while not necessarily vital to communication, would be a big bummer to lose. How would you tell if you were hurt? Would the lack of physical sensation create a deep depression in the individual.

So that leaves the sense that I think most people would give up; smell/taste.

I put those two together because without the tastebuds I wonder if things could be smelled? And I know if one gets a terrible sinus infection and loses smell, taste goes as well.

But man. I'm one of those people for whom smell and taste are acutely sensitive, well...senses. I can tell when food goes off. I have not eaten things that I can tell are stale. I've not dated people who were perfectly suited to me based on smell alone. Not that they smelled "bad" (like unclean), but that they smelled "wrong". There is some scientific basis to this; research into major histocompatibility complex shows that women are most likely to be attracted to men with quite different MHC's than the women. Unless they are on the pill, in which case they like the men with smells closer to their own.

Quite odd!

I, for one, recall that my husband smelled completely and utterly different when I was pregnant than while not pregnant (much to his chagrin). My normally acute sense of smell was even more heightened while pregnant and he smelled terrible. And thing is, I'm sure he smelled exactly the same. It was my sensitivity and hormones making my nose all craaaaazy.

So if my nose is so sensitive and I dislike how certain people smell just cause I can sense their pheremones or whatnot, why wouldn't I give up that sense?

Cause my sense of taste is intense. I'm one of those people who go nearly orgasmic over the right flavor combination. I can feel the endorphins racing through my brain at certain tastes.

I don't know if I could give that mode of experience up.

For me, the choice would be between smell/taste and sound. I'm quite the talker. I love hearing voices because there is huge amount of information given out in tone. I have a good ear. I played piano for years and sang and all that jazz. So sight and sound are huge pieces of the puzzle.

But scent....people smell differently when they are lying. When they are aroused. When they feel safe. I don't know, folks.

It's a terrible choice to have to make, and I hope I never have to make it.


  1. Julie!! I've missed you!

    I've contemplated this question before and have to say, I think it would be sight. I'm like you and have an intense sense of taste and smell. To lose it, would be to lose the spice of life. As for hearing, so much of what I enjoy is sound, specifically my husband's guitar playing. Don't know if I could manager without the sound of his noodling every morning. Touch? Well, I'm a sensual girl and not just in the bedroom. I've been known to lay on the floor in sunbeams with my dog because I liked the feel of the sun on my skin, his fur in my fingers, and oddly, the slightly sweet doggy-scent that made him smell great and not stinky.

    But I could remember what I've seen; and if my husband never aged (or me in the mirror) I'd be just fine with that. My memories of images are vivid and I believe I'd still "see" in my dreams. I also believe my imagination could put togther any image as long as it was well described. Not being able to drive, well, that would suck but I don't think it would stop me from getting about, just make me a little more reliant on others and possibly a little more active about the value of public transportation.

    Love the blog.


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