Nothin' To See Here

I spent much of yesterday growing increasingly nervous about the Cagematch I was going to be in later that evening. Cagematches are two randomly (or maybe not so randomly) assembled adhoc teams of improvisers who compete in a 40 minute show. The winner moves onto a new round etc etc. It's a good way for new players to get involved, for older players to mix it up, and it's a fun way to pull new audience members into the theater.

I was playing in a team with three friends, all male, and the name of the team, selected during a slightly drinky moment at an opening night party some months before, was "Cougar".

Get it? An older lady with three younger men?

So I was nervous for two reasons; 1) because I kind of hate the term Cougar (and also MILF) because I think the whole "being so surprised that an older woman has a sex drive and might like younger men that the phenom deserves a animalistic name" is goofy (and that's a whole other blogpost), but because while the image of a mountain lion might inspire awe and reverence, the image of a "cougar" usually inspires pity or something akin to that.

2) the other reason I was nervous, and actually when it came right down to it the more intense reason ironically, was that the format of Cagematches are usually pretty "flowey doughnutish" which is to say, short scenes that are connected and related but not necessarily in any kind of linear way. I have little to no experience with these and they seem chaotic to me (which as we all know by now makes me itchy) and all I've been doing the last 6 months is hard core narrative.

Luckily, my fellas in the trouplet were fucking awesome. We took two suggestions, inspired by the word "Cougar" (and as I predicted the words thrown out were things like sexy and desperate), and each of us wound up taking turns playing the cougar. Sometimes it was a hot woman, sometimes a hot older man (come to think of it I played a "Bear") sometimes a little girl and an actual bear. It went all over the place but I felt strong about my choices and my ability to know when a scene needed to be wiped etc and we got some strong laughs.

We lost, but I was proud of myself for going through with it despite all my nerves.

Got home around 10 and watched Moon with Sam Rockwell. With Chris. Watched the movie with Chris but Sam was in the movie. I still need to think about that one. The movie. Not the statement.

Rehearsal today, focused on combat. I'm looking forward to that.