Not Disco, Not This Time

I love disco. But I can't say I'm a music person. I grew up playing piano, and drums, and oboe, and singing in choirs. But I can't say I'm music obsessed. My father was a composer. But I don't go out looking around for cool songs, or to buy new stuff.

Why is that? Hell if I know. I used to be all about new albums and listening to everything my friends had, and all the records my parents had and backwards all the way to The Mills Brothers.

I think part of the thing was that between my father (who had more Big Band, Classical and Jazz music than anyone could shake a stick at), and my Aunt (who had hundreds of records from the 60's forward) and MTV, I didn't really have to look too hard to find new (old) and interesting things to eat up.

So there has been a bit of a Dark Ages in my musical development since the Aughts. To be fair, what I heard on the radio didn't do much for me so I blithely just listened to that which I knew, which was 60's rock, 70's folk, late 70's disco (and this is really my happy place people, most of my formative memories were forged under the sweet, sweet beat of a disco stick, and BOY do I dig Ms Gaga), 80's pop and punk and then some hip hop and grunge into the 90's.

One other dynamic seems to be that my husband and I (but mostly me) spent much of our free time and money on foods, films, and fotos, not music. That's just how we went about it.

Luckily, over the last 6 months though I've been in these fabulous improv shows which have at least three cast members each who are crazy for music and they put together these amazing "soundtracks" for the musical improvisers.

Not all of it is really up my alley, but most of it is. I'm thrilled and surprise to again, be given lovely gifts of music to devour and enjoy. Amazing!

Here are some of my favorites from the soundtracks of the past two shows-the music was either in the show, or part of a larger compilation of music to inspire us:

From Dusk (and also Twilight):

From One More Night (I love this):

and (not much of a video, but so lovely)

I'm super curious to see what kind of music will come out of Apocalypse. I saw this video though, in my searching for ideas about end of days and also through a friends link, and think it's a good candidate for the next soundtrack.