Bodies In Motion


So the past two shows I've been in (Dusk and One More Night) have had much of the same combination of theatrical variables as any other show. Actors, some with movement experience. Regular rehearsals. Lots of the funny.

But each show also had an emphasis on intimacy in some way. In Dusk, it was a parody/retelling of Twilight and so the focus was on tension and denial until the tension was so great it just couldn't be borne. In One More Night, the focus was on (in part) the storytelling/healing skills of Scheherzade and her King's response to them (physically and emotionally).

Both shows also had more dance/combat/sexuality in them than a lot of improv shows I've done. And these physical components were done in a very committed realistic way. None of that hand over mouth kissing bullshit. Real connection that was sexy. Real leaping upon each other with intent to "kill". Real drills to practice just how to lift safely

And a funny thing happened in each cast. I think we were much more cuddly, affectionate and supportive with each other than any of us suspected we would be. This is natural I think. I think there is an inside out/outside in effect and we all actually wind up more connected than if the combat and kissing, the fighting and longing were just glossed over and faked out.

I know stage intimacy can sometimes be confusing. You create real emotional responses in an unreal setting. Creativity is, in my opinion, erotic because the erotic is generally creative. Generative. Additive.

Perhaps our culture has trained us all to expect romantic/erotic fulfillment from any creative/generative connection? Perhaps we just like labels too much or need boxes to fit things in. Who knows.

No matter. I'm quite curious to see how we use our physicality in the next show I'm in "Apocalypse" (based on films like Road Warrior, 28 Days Later, Book of Eli). With fewer people in the world, with folks focused on surviving, not thriving, bodies might not touch nearly as much. But when they do, it might just mean everything.

Think of it. You've been wandering around in the wilderness alone, for months. You come across another human being. Do you race into their arms? Do you hide or kill them? Do they want to hold you, eat you, rob you? How sweet just a handshake would be...the touch of skin after being denied for so long. Humans need touch to live.

The way we will use space and our bodies to telegraph intimacy, fear, danger, safety will be fascinating. I'm incredibly excited about exploring it. One could even say I'm a bit obsessed with it, just look at this stunning dance piece that is solely focused on the tensions and awkwardness of human intimacy and connection.

In any regard, what is important to me is how to take that energy between people, see it for what it is -creative, generative and thus exciting- and spread it back into the group, to the work.


  1. I SO want to see one of your shows. I bet I would love it.

  2. And I'd love for you to see one of my shows. Come visit!


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