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A Boring Story About Meat

Hey, that bacon looks pretty good. It's a creative commons photo from Flickr (cookbookman17). I like bacon. All of the pork family as a matter of fact. Today, several members of my family spent a huge amount of time, worthwhile time, cleaning the kitchen. And I mean scrubbing it, taking every single thing out of drawers etc. As a result, when it was lunch time it was hard to determine how to make anything to eat as everything was all over the house.

I could have gone to Ruby's, here in Ashland, as they have amazing burritos and sandwiches. So many had meat in them, and as yesterday was my impromptu decision to live differently by foregoing meat, I could not order the BLAT which is so good or, the jam-packed breakfast burrito that has both sausage AND bacon in it.

I went to our Co-Op and got a baguette, cheese and yes, ham for the husband. Who I don't even think knows that I've made this new pledge. I should tell him. And I sat with the desire for the pork product but …

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